Hitler's Stealth Fighter

A Documentary for the National Geographic Channel

Michael Jorgensen, Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Genius!

I had the honor and privilege of contributing to the making of this film. My contributions included:

Here is a link to a teaser, including the trailer and the first few minutes of the film. WARNING: the file is large (159MB - Quicktime format). It may take a while to download, depending on the speed of your connection. If you want to save the file to your hard disk, use -click or right-click on the link. If you are unable to catch the film on the air, it will eventually be available on DVD from Myth Merchant Films.

The Northrop Grumman team who built the full scale model for the film, Mike in front.

David Myhra, author of many books on German aircraft from WWII. I had the privilege of talking to David at length. He's a really great guy. Very patient and quite willing to share his vast knowledge.

The Cast

The Cast, with Mike Jorgensen and Linda Reynolds, Production Assistant.

Following are pictures of the cockpit I made for the full size model.

A still from the film - this is me posing as the pilot of the Ho 229, Erwin Ziller.

Following are more photos of me in the pilot suit.

The remaining photos are various production stills. These are what I chose as the best out of hundreds that were taken.